In a nation that’s full of great athletes, Bradley Bowden is one of Canada’s most accomplished. He has won Paralympic gold medals in both the summer and winter games, one of very few who can lay claim to this impressive feat, which involves the challenging mastery of two very different and unique skill sets.


Brad is perhaps most well-known for his time with Canada’s National Sledge Hockey Team, where he has been one of the top players in the world since making the team in 1999 at the age of 16. With the sledge hockey team, he won a Paralympic gold medal in Torino in 2006, a bronze medal in Sochi in 2014, Silver in 2018 in Korea, as well as World Championship gold medals in 2000, 2008, 2013 and 2017.


He also spent considerable time with Canada’s National Wheelchair Basketball Team, where he won a Paralympic gold medal in Athens in 2004, and a World Championship gold medal in 2006. Because of his extensive experience, Brad has become an incredible ambassador for Paralympic sport.


Beyond his athletic accomplishments, “Bow” is also a proud advocate for those with disabilities. He possesses a gritty and down to earth way of thinking that was imparted to him by his grandparents, who raised him from infancy. He believes in helping to create opportunities for those with disabilities, but that those opportunities must then be seized. He wants to teach others to take the initiative to go after their goals and dreams, rather than waiting for things to happen.


Brad is also an impressive speaker who is adept at sharing his personal story to motivate and inspire audiences. Brad has a “just ask” mentality when it comes to his disability (it’s called sacral agenesis, not Sega Genesis, as his teammates might lead you to believe). He also maintains an incredibly strong desire for people to look past the chair and see the man who uses it for mobility, flaws and all. That’s the true measure of equality.